A selection of my writing published in various outlets, including reportage, essays, and book reviews:

Bosnia’s Mosques Without Muslims (Los Angeles Review of Books, 24 October 2019)

Can a Film Festival in Eastern Ukraine Give Voice to the Region’s Displaced? (Frieze, 10 October 2019)

Ukraine’s people power problem (, 1 October 2019)

Romania, a beacon of coexistence for Muslims in Eastern Europe (Al Jazeera, 20 August 2019)

Welcome to Ukraine’s Post-Post-Maidan Era (Foreign Policy, 24 July 2019)

Ukraine May Elect Its First Jewish President. Here’s Why That’s Not an Issue (Haaretz, 19 April 2019)

The Joker Who Would be King (Tribune Magazine, 19 April 2019)

Support for Tymoshenko Hard to Come by in Dnipro, Her Home City (Al Jazeera, 3 April 2019)

Turkey’s Gift of a Mosque Sparks Fears of “Neo-Ottomanism” in Kosovo ( with Michael Colborne and Una Hajdari, The Guardian, 2 January 2019)

The President Who Wants to Break Up His Own Country (The Atlantic, 2 January 2019)

Bosnia’s Migrant Route Bottleneck (, 26 December 2018)

Armenia’s Revolution will not be Monopolized (Foreign Policy, 13 December 2018)

Polish Muslims, Polish Fears: A Reflection on Fears of the Other (New Eastern Europe, Issue 6, 2018)

Armenia’s post-Revolution Party is Over (Foreign Policy, 15 October 2018)

Meet the Editors of a New Journal Challenging Prejudices about Eastern Europe (openDemocracy, 13 October 2018)

In Albania, New Turkish Mosque Stirs Old Resentments (with Michael Colborne, Christian Science Monitor, 12 September 2018)

Erdogan’s Long Arm: The Turkish Dissidents Kidnapped from Europe (with Michael Colborne, Haaretz, 30 August 2018)

Erdogan is Making the Ottoman Empire Great Again (with Michael Colborne, Foreign Policy, 22 June 2018)

Feeling Yerevan’s Pulse: The New Media Talking About Armenia’s Blind Spots
(openDemocracy, 17 April 2018)

The Trials of Ahmed H. (New Eastern Europe, 19 March 2018)

Why We Should Write about the Crimean Tatars (openDemocracy, 12 January 2018)

Familiar Strangers: Central Europe’s Christian Refugees (New Eastern Europe, Issue 1, 2017)

Letter from the Crimean Border (openDemocracy, 22 November 2017)

Socialism in the Sunshine (Frieze, 19 October 2017)

Meet Tajikistan’s Embattled Islamists (openDemocracy, 28 September 2017)

Thus Votes South Ossetia: A Referendum the Kremlin Would Prefer to Ignore (Intersection, 28 April 2017)

Behind the Russian Mirror (openDemocracy, 25 April 2017)

It Could Happen Anywhere (with Tom Rowley, openDemocracy, 23 January 2017)

Moldova’s Election: Against all of the Above (openDemocracy, 1 November 2016)

Votes, Hope, and Fear in Hungary (EurActiv, 7 September 2016)

Ossetians in Georgia, With Their Backs to the Mountains (openDemocracy, 30 August 2016)

Displaced Yazidis in Georgia find Respite, but Little Else (Al Monitor, 22 September 2015)

Jewish? No, we’re Subbotniks. Welcome to our Synagogue (The Forward, 13 July 2015)

The Kryashen (Russian Life, May-June Issue, 2015)

Remembering Referendums: Tatarstan and Crimea (Al Jazeera, 20 April 2014)

Crimea Crisis: the Tatarstan Factor (Al Jazeera, 15 March 2014)

Armenian, Ukrainian, Soviet (Souciant Magazine, 20 June 2014)

The Ukrainian Domino Effect (Souciant Magazine, 29 January 2014)

Baba-Hadji, A Symbol of Ethnic Harmony (openDemocracy, 19 November 2013)

Jewish Life Slowly Dying in Abkhazia (The Forward, 30 September 2012)

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